Domestic and Global Sourcing

Capabilities & Services


LS Global Strategic Sourcing has established an incredibly broad network of contacts and established strategic sourcing and Multi sourcing partnerships with manufacturers whose primary mandate is higher quality.

• broad network of contracts
• large team of multi-sourcing partnership
• over 50 manufacturers
• competitive international sourcing including China, Taiwan and otters regions throughout Asia

Gain operational, financial and competitive advantages and choose LS Global as your strategic multi-sourcing contract manufacturer.

Product Design & Development

Not every customer comes to us with finely finished schematics and blueprints or a working prototype. Some just know that they need something to accomplish other things. We can help you research and develop what you need, from blueprints to tooling.

Product design and development services include:

• product research and development
• manufacturer, transporter and distribution plan
• design and develop products to specification

LS Global can work with your purchasing, engineering or manufacturing team to assist in product development, cost reduction or problem solving.

Quality Control

LS Global Enterprise has built its reputation on high quality products and superior services. The quality of our products starts with the initial concept, and is further developed through teamwork. Management and key personnel in every department are directly involved in quality control through each stage of production.

QC and Product Inspection Services

• initial production checks
• checks during production / production monitoring
• pre-shipment inspections
• container loading checks

Our QC staff in both U.S and Asia inspects product in various stages of production to ensure that all products will meet its standards.

Warehouse & Distributions

Long Term • Short Term • Temporary • Permanent

LS Global helps Michigan manufacturers enjoy cost reduction and reclaim floor space through product and part warehousing and distribution solutions. Achieve greater operating efficiencies and select LS Global is be an extension of your facility.

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Reclaim your office or production floor space! Maximize your manufacturing, office and storage spaces and utilize LS Global expertise. We will work with you to create a custom warehousing program with inventory control and scheduling requirements that meet your time and budget.

Our warehousing facility is available for use for:

• finished products
• in-process products
• part supplies

LS Global provides all fulfillment processes from packaging and labeling to delivery of your product to your manufacturing facility or to a supplier’s facility.


LS Global partners with trusted Michigan manufacturers to distribute a full range of high quality manufactured parts and products. Our international distributors are an extension of our Grand Rapids distribution center and have been carefully selected based on their expertise and dependability.

LS Global manages all of your distribution needs:

• packaging and labeling
• container assembly
• automated or manual packaging

Logistics / Shipping

LS Global vets the most cost effective carrier solution for shipment of your products. Through shipment routing optimization, carrier development and management, to warehousing, we can help keep your supply chain under control.

Our logistics and shipping services include:

• import export
• ocean, air, truckload
• carrier and transportation development and management
• consultation and solutions for cost operations improvements

LS Global provides all fulfillment processes from packaging and labeling to delivery of your product to your manufacturing facility or to a supplier’s facility.

PPAP - Production Part Approval Process

Improve communication and provide quality products with a thorough part approval process. LS Global can utilize PPAP for all new or revised parts and parts produced from new or revised production methods. PPAP is important for establishing confidence in component suppliers and their production processes.

• five classifications or PPAP submission levels
• 18 elements required for approval of all production level parts
• documentation of multiple cross-functional tools
• reports on the ability of the supplier to meet customer requirements

With PPAP, LS Global can validate that all areas of the design and production processes have been reviewed and only high quality products will be shipped.

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