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GROW – Success Stories: Luann Sun, LS Global Enterprises

“Be confident in your marketplace – you’re better than you think.” – Luann Sun

Luann-Sun-LS-Global-Enterprises-GROW-success-storySince 2008, Luann has run a successful business working in the various industries developing and manufacturing engineered components for furniture and store fixture customers. Beginning as a business consultant and later expanding into a distribution center, her company LS Global Enterprises focuses on providing product on demand and on time. We caught up with Luann to talk about her businesses, her professional passion, and the role GROW played in her success.

Go with What You Know

LS Global Enterprises distributes manufactured components to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the furniture and other sectors. It’s a process Luann already ha an innate knowledge of before starting her own business, and attributes some of her success to that prior experience. Her business creates component quotes for customers based on drawings, designs, or samples, sourcing items from global places like China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and the US to meet specifications. “The most rewarding part about my work is our responsibility… when retail stores are remodeling and we must deliver on specific days, we can’t be late.”

Luann told us that as a small business, she enjoys motivating new employees, developing healthy relationships with customers, and respecting suppliers. “Making money is important, but being ethical and enjoying the working relationship is also just as important.”

GROWing Together

Luann participated in our Minding Your Own Business workshop in 2008, just as she was beginning to establish a business plan and take that professional jump. “I learned so much and after that, I started my business consulting career with clients and later, a distribution business.”

Of course, every business, big or small, faces its own unique set of challenges and while Luann loves working on business relationships, she admits that a challenge for her is marketing and sales. “We can handle a lot more business and additional projects,” says Luann, “we just need more potential customers to know us, recognize us, and realize what we’re capable of.”

One thing to keep in mind, is that GROW sticks by you every step of the way and our investment in you and your business carries over, year after year. After taking that class back in 2008, Luann still sees GROW as a source of support and assistance, “I still feel the desire to connect with GROW, even after so many years.” And, we’re here for her and all of our clients we’ve worked with since our start. Business owners like Luann need continued support, inspiration and connections as the local and global marketplace continues to change. Our programs and solutions continue to adapt to meet the ongoing needs of entrepreneurs now and throughout the life of their business.

Luann’s Advise for Aspiring Business Owners

When asked if there was any advice she had to offer aspiring business owners she responded: “Believe in yourself and believe in good people. Financially, be conservative.” She also described the importance of bringing on good employees, being confident in your marketplace, and doing the right things for your customers.

“Mostly, I’ve learned to be kind to employees, customers, and suppliers. It’s rewarding to bring about satisfaction and happiness… and I’ve learned to just relax.”

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To learn more about LS Global Enterprises, visit their website. To learn more about GROW classes and other entrepreneurial resources, simply contact us today or view our events calendar.

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